• Do you know where you are? Do you know where you are? Do you have the right information infrastructure in place?
  • Do you know where you need to go? Do you know where you need to go? Do you have a clearly defined, compelling vision?
  • Are you ready to conquer the elements? Are you ready to conquer the elements? Do you have the right resources appropriately aligned?


Have you always been wondering why so many performance improvement initiatives do not deliver what is expected? Are you wondering what actually is needed to improve the performance of your business or of the organization that you are working in? Well so have I.

That is why I have decided to set up a website so that I can share with you my thoughts and views on what is important in managing performance. This site contains a reference to an Enterprise Performance Framework . It is just a framework that I have developed and will be adjusting over time based on new insights and experiences. I use this framework because it helps me to focus on those specific items that I feel determine performance. I do hope it helps you as well.


To structure my thoughts I have created a framework that aligns all different elements in a way that makes sense to me. The elements of the framework link to management and their tasks, and to the key characteristics of organizations.

Since I am a finance professional, educated and trained in financial management, I have also included a segment on what the implications of Enterprise Wide Performance Management are on the finance function.

To help you out and hopefully trigger you to continue exploring this exiting topic yourself I have also included an overview of interesting authors and publications on various topics that are part of the framework.


This website is constructed around my personal views and experiences in the area of enterprise wide performance management.

During my career as a management consultant and manager I have experienced a number of situations showing the vast complexity of getting an organization to perform.

Through this site I share with you my experiences, views and interesting backgrounds. If you want to learn more about me please click on more. If you want to drop me a note you can contact me through the contact page.