• How to maximize team performance How to maximize team performance In this book Katzenbach takes us on a journey on how to evolve from a mere working group to a high-performance team. The book helps you to establish high performance teams by highlighting various approaches that you can take. This easy to read book should be read by all intending to organize change through dedicated groups of people.
  • Making uses of the balanced scorecard to implement strategy Making uses of the balanced scorecard to implement strategy In this book the balanced scorecard is promoted from a performance measurement tool to the core of a performance management system. Successful companies have leveraged the advantages of the Balanced Scorecard to create the Strategy-Focused organization. The key principles of these organizations are: 1) Translating strategy into operational terms; 2) Aligning the organization to the strategy; 3) Making strategy everyone's job; 4) Making strategy a continuous process; 5) Mobilize change through executive leadership.
  • Must read for CFO's, Controllers and other financials Must read for CFO's, Controllers and other financials Based on his famous Levers of control framework Robert Simons demonstrates the importance of control and performance measurement in achieving strategic objectives. A must read for those financials that wish to increase the added value of the finance function in terms of decision support/management information, strategic risk management and control.
  • On successful alignment of core business processes and IT architecture On successful alignment of core business processes and IT architecture This book focuses on how to implement a process operating model through enterprise architecture that will serve as a solid foundation for strategy execution. This is done through the mapping of processes, data and technology aimed to achieve the desired level of process standardization and integration. Benefits include lower IT costs, higher IT responsiveness, Improved risk management and enhanced strategic outcomes.
  • Assisting leaders in creating value Assisting leaders in creating value This book describes one of the most influential frameworks in business, the Competing Values Framework. This book describes the various aspects of this framework and how this contributes to value creation, by showing how to clarify purpose, integrate practices, and lead people.
  • An introduction into Performance management An introduction into Performance management This book by Gary Cokins covers a number of famous performance management methodologies such as the Balanced Business Scorecard, Activity Based Costing, Value Based Management to "beyond budgeting". The main theme of the book is what is need to create a solid and mature Business Intelligence capability within the organization.
  • The quest for the holy grale of success The quest for the holy grail of success What makes the truly exceptional companies different from the other companies? This was the question raised by Collins & Porras. Truly exceptional companies are able to both preserve the core and to stimulate progress. This book also introduces the BHAG concept; visionary companies are able to set "Big Hairy Audacious Goals" to spark team spirit and to stress high commitment and working outside of the comfort zone.
  • Key lessons on management, innovation, entrepeneurship and society Key lessons on management, innovation, entrepreneurship and society This book samples some of the most important key concepts of management, by one of the most influential thinkers on management of the 20th and early 21st century. Peter Drucker has enriched us with a number of thought provoking thoughts, like the sole purpose of the organization is to create a customer!
  • Famous work on change management Famous 8-step approach to organizational change This book describes the famous 8 steps towards implementing change successfully. It stresses the importance of creating a sense of urgency, developing a guiding coalition and a compelling vision as a basis for starting any change effort. Then focus starts on the execution and making it really stick by staying with it.


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